As an international psychic medium, my goal is to promote enlightenment and guide my clients on a clear path inward and forward. I do this through my ability to process, interpret, and convey information from Spirit.

Laura Bryant

Spiritual Psychic Medium

Laura Bryant was aware of her gifts at the young age of 5. Even then, Laura knew to surround herself with God's protective Light.

Laura went through some difficult times in her mid 40's that got her to focus on her Life's Path. After 25+ years of doing readings (started at age 18), Laura took a leap of faith, quit her job. Doors for this path started to appear and she knew...

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I would like to recommend Laura for a reading! Her accuracy is unmatched! One thing that will stand out is her shinning personality! She has a vast number of years of experience and if your looking blown away look no further!

Ashley Teer

Laura was amazing for our reading today. She was very kind and knew things that were private. It was all legit. It was nice being able to connect with our loved ones. I highly recommend a reading with Laura. We will be back.

Heather May

Would highly recommend her. As I walked in she asked me questions before i even said anything! spot on. I will be going back at some point

Jennifer Miley

I had a 15 minute session ,and was very impressed with her ability to know so much about me that quickly. I will definitely be visiting her again!!

Devon LaMar

Absolutely amazing!! I felt so comfortable with Laura! Like dear friends. She had me to a T! It’s like she knew what has been on my mind and heart for the past several years. I can’t wait to see her again and explore more. She definitely has a gift from God. Highly recommend !!

Tina Mattingly

Wow!! I just finished with my very first meeting and I am blown away. I don’t even have words right now. This is the real deal!’ I cannot wait to do it again.

Denise Brawley

My experiences with Laura are always amazing!! very insightful, helpful and accurate!! she is an awesome person, psychic and friend. Always extremely knowledgeable. Would recommend everyone to see her!!

LoriNrob Goodpaster

Incredible and on point! Laura is the real deal. Her positive vibes feed your soul! I feel like a different person and now know what I need to work on, let go, and do to “keep moving forward”.

Tammy Bays

Laura is the best! 100% legit. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to. She knew things that nobody else would ever know. Would definitely see her again.

Kayla Taylor

I had a reading with Laura today, my dad and mom both came through along with my ex father-in-law & my brother-in-law. It was an amazing experience there was no way she could’ve known some of the things that she had said to me. With out talking to their spirits. I cannot wait until my next reading with her.

Rita Schroeder

I knew exactly what she was referring to on all accounts of my mediumship reading. Straightforward and very knowledgeable.

Rhett Robling-Burton

I had my first reading today! It was so amazing! Laura is the real deal! She talked about stuff that no one really knew about. I will be returning and recommend everyone to go to her! ♥️ loved every minute with her! She’s gives off such good energy!

Heather Dawn Velazquez


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